7 Strategies to Become a Successful Reseller

7 Strategies to Become a Successful Reseller

Reseller is a method of selling a business by promoting goods from one of the suppliers. Reselling can be done online or offline (conventional). However, to reach more potential clients, it would be better if it was done online.

The way the reseller business method works are that a reseller buys an item from a supplier (distributor), and resells the item for a profit.

The supplier will sell at a lower price than the market price. So that resellers can benefit by reselling the goods at market prices.

For example, a supplier sells a mobile phone at N50,000, while the market price is N75,000. So that the reseller will get a profit of N25,000 after reselling it on the market. But it can be more or less too, depending on the selling price marketed by resellers in the market.

To become a successful reseller, follow these 7 strategies:

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1. Choose the Right Product

The first step you need to do before becoming a reseller is to choose the type of product you want to sell. To choose the right product, it would be nice if you become a reseller of products that match your hobbies.

That way, you already have knowledge about the product. Because becoming a reseller also requires knowledge about an item being sold.

For example, when a potential customer asks about the product you are selling, then you must be able to answer correctly and make the prospective customer believe in your product, and then buy your product.

2. Determine the Target Market

After choosing the product you want to sell. The next step is to determine the target market. This is done so that you can do more targeted promotions and sales.

For example, if you are going to sell hijab, of course, your target market is women who often wear hijab.

Running a more targeted business will make it easier for you to get more potential clients and increase your business profits.

3. Choose the Right Supplier

Choosing a business supplier is not easy, especially for those of you who run a reseller business that resells other people’s goods (suppliers).

Choosing the wrong supplier will only cause harm to your business. Therefore, before deciding to collaborate with a supplier, you must also pay attention to the following points:

  • Have a clear and trustworthy customer service unit.
  • Have a definite office location, so that when there are product complaints or any problems, resellers can come directly to the office.
  • Do research on several suppliers and compare them by finding out the company background (business) of each supplier.
  • Choose a supplier that has a big business and has been successful for a long time.
  • The price given is profitable for you.
  • Work professionally in serving reseller orders.
  • Have a clear product catalog for resellers or customers.
  • Have a definite cooperation system, for example with a letter of contract or agreement between the two parties.

4. Know Your Competitors

The fewer competitors you have, the better it will be for your reseller business because it will be easier for you to get a lot of potential customers.

To get to know competitors, you have to find out some competitors that are similar to your business. The way you can do that is by typing keywords that match your business in the Google search field.

For example, you are a reseller who sells mobile phones in Lagos. So you can use the keyword “mobile phone sellers in Lagos” to do a search on Google. Then visit one of the websites or social media they used. After that, pay attention to the promotional or marketing activities carried out so that you can perfect your business marketing strategy for the better.

Knowing your competitors’ marketing strategies doesn’t mean that you copy theirs, but that you do it better and more attractively than their strategy.

5. Use Online Media

To do promotions or sales, it would be better if you use online media. The goal is to increase sales, product marketing, and make it easier for you to get more potential customers.

There are several types of online media that you can use, such as websites, marketplaces, or various other types of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

You don’t need to use all of these online media, use online media that is also used by your target market. For example, your target market uses Facebook social media a lot, then use Facebook as a medium for promoting and selling your business.

6. Focus

When you become a reseller, you may collaborate with many suppliers. For example, when you become a reseller of product A, you can also become a reseller of product B at the same time.

However, this will make you unfocused and inconsistent in running a business. Of course, it will only make your business suffer losses.

Therefore, focus on one business (product) that you will live in, then pursue that business until you are truly successful. And then try to look at other businesses so you can get more profits.

7. Provide Maximum Service

If you want to become a reseller who is qualified and trusted by customers. Make sure you provide satisfactory service to customers.

For example, the way you respond to prospective customer questions quickly and precisely, how you solve problems that are being experienced by customers or keep your promise to deliver goods on the day you have promised.

By providing satisfactory service and doing it optimally, certainly, your customer will not move to another place.

Those are 7 tips you can do when you want to become a reseller. Hopefully, the 7 tips above can make you a successful reseller. Good luck.

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