Important Reasons Why Your Business Needs Influencer Marketing and Tips for Choosing It



Have you ever heard the term influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a product marketing strategy that utilizes an influencer to market a product or service in a business.

According to Forbes, a survey conducted by MushFind says 92% of clients trust influencers than advertisements or endorsements of traditional celebrities. You can see in the image below:

Influencer marketing survey
Source: Forbes

Therefore, influencer marketing strategies are considered effective for promoting online businesses through social media. The use of influencers to promote a product is also increasingly in demand by many online businesses.

Then, does your online business also need influencer marketing? You should read the explanation below:

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4 Reasons Your Online Business Needs Influencer Marketing

1. Able to Reach More Clients

An influencer who can reach the number of followers of up to 1,000,000 and more, when they promote your product or service, more people will know your business.

With more people who know your product, it will also make it easier for you to reach more potential clients. Of course, this will also increase your sales.

2. Cultivate Client’s Sense of Trust

It’s not easy to grow a client’s sense of trust in an online business. Especially if the online business only promotes its business through social media.

Therefore, using influencers to promote your product or service is the right strategy for you to do. Influencers are those who are idolized by many people (their followers). They are also highly trusted by their followers.

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So when their idols promote your products or services, they will believe in your business.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Influencers don’t just grow their followers’ trust in a business. Influencers will also make their followers know and remember a product or service promoted by an influencer.

They will prefer the product or service used by an influencer they idolize. If you are building a new business, influencer marketing can be a new start to increase brand awareness.

4. Increase Followers

Given a large number of followers of an influencer, you can get more followers. The influencer followers will also become a follower on your business social media accounts.

Tips for Choosing the Right Influencer

For your influencer marketing results to run successfully, of course, you also have to choose the right influencers to promote your business. There are 4 tips for choosing Influencers:

1. See Number of Followers

The most important thing in choosing an influencer is the followers. The number of followers will affect the number of potential clients who see the promotion of your product or service.

As discussed in the previous article regarding the understanding and types of influencer marketing, influencers can be divided into 3.

First, there are micro-influencers who have between 1000 and 100,000 followers, second, there are macro-influencers who have 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers, and finally mega influencers with more than 1,000,000 followers.

Each of the above influencers has different advantages and disadvantages. To get to know the types of influencers based on the number of followers, you can read the article on the definition of influencer marketing and its types.

2. Engagement Percentage

Engagement or the relationship of an influencer with followers also needs to be considered. The better (closer) an influencer’s relationship with his followers is, the more of their followers will want to use the products they offer.

Of course, this will have a positive impact on your online business, you will get more clients.

To see the relationship between an influencer and his followers, you can see a comparison of the number of likes and comments on each influencer’s post.

If an influencer has more than one million followers but only gets less than 100 likes or only 5 comments, it means that the engagement percentage is not good.

3. Pay attention to Brand Relevance

The third tip for choosing the right influencer is brand relevance. You should use an influencer who is used to promoting the same business as yours.

By using influencers that are relevant to your brand, then your influencer marketing can run well, and it will also make it easier for these influencers to create interesting content.

For example, your business is in the cosmetics sector, so you have to look for influencers who are used to promoting various types of cosmetics.

To find out if an influencer has relevance to your brand, you can see an influencer’s post about a product or service that he or she has promoted before.

4. Owned Social Media Accounts

Next, pay attention to the social media accounts you used for influencer marketing. Some use Instagram, some use Instagram and Facebook, and some use only Facebook.

Then look for influencers who have an influence on the many social media that you use. For example, if you use Instagram as a medium for promoting your business, then you should also use influencers who are active on Instagram social media.

After knowing the importance of influencer marketing for an online business, what will you do? And which influencers will you use? First, you have to understand the explanation above. And if there is something that is not understood, you can comment in the comments column below. Happy learning.

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